Saturday, September 24, 2016


Via della Luca Robbia, Torino, September 24, 2016—
YOU MAY THINK it strange that after a day cruising Slow Food's Salone del Gusto here we would shrug it all off and eat at home again. But that's what we did.

The principal reason was fatigue — we'd walked ten kilometers, many of them among tight crowds of people, shopping bags, kids in strollers, dogs on leashes, folks looking at their cell phones instead of where they're going. Or, more important to me, where I'm going.

The secondary reason: with this many foodies in town it's impossible to get a same-day reservation at any restaurant I can think of wanting to visit. We had a nice enough lunch at a Pugliese bar-cafe-delicatessen — a hamburger made of house-made Pugliese salsiccia, with a glass of house red. But that wasn't dinner.
So on the way home we stopped at a little mom-and-pop operation on via Giolitti and bought a little butter, some Parmesan cheese, a couple hundred grams of fresh agnolotti, and a busto of what we call mache at home, but is in fact lamb's lettuce in English and valeriana in Italian.

Cook made a good supper out of all this. We had the ends of yesterday's wines to finish. We'll turn in earlier tonight, and be ready for the fray again tomorrow. 

Oh: and Alice did a fine job in her panel discussion about urban gardening. 

Panificio Convertini, via Giolitti 11, Torino

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