Monday, September 5, 2016

Saturday salmon

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Eastside Road, September 3, 2016—

THE QUICK TRIP into town this morning. Cook calls the shots, of course: We go first to get lima beans, then fish. Afterward lettuce. Then we'll see.

So we go first to Middleton Gardens for those marvelous beans, which Cook will shell later in the day while watching her Cubs unfortunately lose a game to the Giants. Then to Dave Lebro: Dave's out at sea, I suppose, as usual, but his saucy daughter handles the stall with almost as much personality; I enjoy our efficient negotiation.

Then to Bert and Mary for lettuce and arugula. This is their last Saturday this year: as they always do, they leave soon for a month in France, to recharge batteries, lay in some seed for all I know, and continue their researches into cheese. We'll get together for dinner on their return.

Another head of lettuce from Renee Kiff, whose writing is so delightful and whose lettuces are too. Peaches from Gayle of Dry Creek Fish. A dozen eggs, a couple of ears of corn, and some garlic — my favorite, Rose de Lautrec — from Bernier Farms. Some padrones from Foggy River Farms, our neighbor up Eastside Road. Tomatoes and strawberries from Preston of Dry Creek, whose wines we also enjoy, on special occasions.

Cook prepared the salmon her usual way, and I was mistaken last time when I mentioned leeks, of course she doesn't use leeks this time of year: salmon, a dot of butter, a splash of vodka, a scallion or two on top; carefully wrapped up in aluminum foil; cooked on the grill over a wood fire until barely done.

IMG 9688 So there's dinner: corn on the cob, limas, salmon, sliced tomatoes. Green salad. Strawberries and ice cream. No complaints here!

Rosé, La Ferme Julien

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