Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10th Annual Crawfish Boil

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Laytonville, California, August 28, 2016—

NOT YOUR TYPICAL Eating Every Day dinner today! We spent the afternoon at the rodeo grounds in Laytonville, where the 10th Annual Crawfish Boil was raising money to fund the community’s emergency ambulance team.

IMG 9630I’m not sure why, but there’s a sizable Cajun transplant from Louisiana to this small town in the wilds of the 101 corridor through Mendocino county. Their cooks turn out in force for these events. I cannot eat crayfish, unfortunately — or any other crustacea — but as you see I did not starve: there was a goat on the spit, five pigs in “Cajun microwaves,” an array of chickens spatchcocked on a frame over a fire, an enormous pot of beans, another of chicken-and-pork jambalaya.

A couple of bands had been flown in from New Orleans, I’m told, and they were fun to listen to. Jugglers on the dance floor, and little kids, aging hippies, people of every description. A great time had by all.

Beer, of course

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Clay working the Cajun microwave

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