Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back to a favorite

Arroyo Grande, August 14, 2016— 

YOU SEE HERE a small piece of my Companion's pollo sotto un mattone, the ubiquitous chicken grilled (in fact griddled) under a brick. It was simply delicious: moist, succulent, full of authentic chicken flavor, garnished with a chopped version of the sautéeed greens that also nestled under the serving: mustarrd greens and broccoli rabe. Black pepper is involed as well, and the right amount of salt, and I wouldn't be surprised at some chile pepper, a very discreet amount.

We first visited this place a year or so ago, and I've been anxious to retturn, and am very happy we did. I began with panzanella, and it was just as delicious: the restaurant bakes its own bread and it is marvelous; the tomatoes were perfect, ditto the olive oil, ditto the fabulous ricotta. Perfect execution.

Also theee gnocchi, tender and seductive, in an earthy, spiicy  tomato sauce, with a garnish of broccoli. This is an exceptional restaurant, one of The Hundred.

Sparkling wine, Laetitia, nv, cuvée brut; Dolcetto, Palmina (Santa Ynez Valley), 2013

Ember, 1200 E Grand Avenue, Arroyo Grande, California;  +1 (805) 474-7700

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