Sunday, August 14, 2016


 Berkeley, California, August 13 2016— 

IT'S NOT SOMETHING I often eat, paella; usually it's compromised by crustacea of various types, therefore beyond my grip. This one was not, though, and seemed an appropriate dish to down between two operas, each dealing with, let''s say, primitive issues. 

Fennel sausage, rice of course, squid ink, peas and the occcasional pea pod, mussels. At the center, aïoli and salmon roe. Garnish of lemons. 

We'd begun with patatas bravas, mushroom croquettes, and bacalao croquettes. Oh: and Coca: : flatbrcad topped with  Dijon honey cream, caramelized red onions, manchcgo, jamón scrrano, pears, and candied walnuts. 

I thought the aïoli on the paella should not have been flavored with truffle oil; otherwise the dinner was only a little exccssive and not at all troubling. I would go back happily. 

Sangría; Listan Negro/Tintillo: Suerte, 7 Fuentes, Valle de Orotravo: excellent.
La Marcha Tapas Bar, 2026 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California; +1 (510) 647-9525

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