Thursday, August 18, 2016

A great bakery

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August 15, 2016—
FEW THINGS PLEASE us more than the discovery of a fine bakery, and this morning we stumbled across one of the best. Well, “stumbled”: in fact last night’s restaurant hostess told us about it when we asked where in Arroyo Grande to have breakfast. The neighboring bakery, which I’ve written about here, is closed on Mondays — if you can wait, drive twenty miles south.

We did and were rewarded with truly excellent croissant and brioche and an interesting conversation with the friendly proprietor, who after thirty years in the television industry followed his passion and what is clearly an innate gift and began to bake bread, first for himself, then for friends, finally and inevitably for the community.

He uses artisanal flours and Normandy butter (though the butter he serves, with his sliced bread, he churns in his shop), and he’s researched available technology to good results, proofing his doughs carefully for maximum flavor and texture. We were so happy with him, and his products, that we left with a couple of ham-and-gruyère-on-flûte sandwiches for lunch later in the day, and a loaf of bread and a couple of canalés for later.

Oh, his coffee: Stumptown, and delivered from a well maintained espresso machine. This will be a routine stop from now on on our drives south.

Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, 550 Bell Street, Los Alamos, California; 805-344-3000 IMG 9448

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louann said...

I have found it both amazing and discouraging how hard it is to find a real bakery these days - I find trendy things like cupcake shops, or coffee places that import baked goods, sometimes quite good but certainly not made that day or to order - and this is true so much more often than not. I've got a handful that I go to in the East Bay, but still, not much innovation.Even in Montana, which has a history of people knowing how to bake and sell THAT DAY, now very few. Not sure what this means, and imagine you know much better than me. But it is a loss.