Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter al fresco

Easter dinner.jpg
Eastside Road, April 8, 2012—
EVERY YEAR OUR FRIENDS Paul and Becky invite friends over for Easter Sunday dinner. Too often we have been unable to accept, with one thing or another, but this year we made the party. What a fine afternoon it was, to be sure. Some guests brought dishes, of course — Lindsey this fine fruit compote.

Others worked at the grill station, cooking lamb and pork. Easter eggs had been hidden here and there, one for each guest; and there was plenty of beer and wine, and appetizers — dolmades, spanakopita, olives and cheeses.

Then we sat down at the long table, forty or so of us, and tucked into our dinner: grilled meat, rosemary-garlic potatoes, green beans, kale, aïoli and other sauces.

Desserts: Fruit compote, lemon tarte, cookies, rice pudding; probably other things as well; one doesn't want to seem to be counting, or demanding a piece of everything.

Best of all, lots of old friends and new. It's a cliche, but true nonetheless: it doesn't get any better than this.
Chardonnay, Frei (Mendocino), 3020; Rosé, Commanderie de Peyrasolle (Provence), 2011; Zinfandel, Napa Cellars, 2009

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