Saturday, January 7, 2017

Polenta, sausage, peppers

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Eastside Road, January 6, 2016—

FIRST POLENTA WE'VE HADin a while, and welcome. The sauce was truly delicious: a couple of red bell peppers, an onion, a couple of crumbled sweet Italian sausages, some chicken stock, a little tomato sauce. Cook said the stock could've been better, and I won't quibble: it was store-bought — organic and all that, but a little feathery, if you know what I mean. We bought a chicken today, though, and I'll make real chicken stock tomorrow.

Green salad afterward, the tangerine, the apple, the last of Dr. Guinness's cake. Thanks again, Thérèse; I'll miss that cake…

Very cheap Cabernet Sauvignon, Three Wishes, nv; inoffensive

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