Monday, January 30, 2017

Ashland, next day

Ashland, Oregon, January 28, 2017—

THE DAY AFTER a big, rich, complex, utterly engrossing dinner is usually a day to take it easy — at least for me, at my age. So breakfast was our usual Ashland version: a fine butter croissant and a perfectly good Stumptown cappuccino at Mix.

Mix Bakeshop, 57 North Main Street, Ashland, Oregon; +1 (541) 488-9885

By lunchtime some of us were wanting beer, of all things. It's not a beverage I tend toward, but if it's hot and dry and I've been working hard a beer is just the thing. Of course that wasn't the case yesterday: but another condition applied: the stomach was a little unsettled, and no Fernet-soda was in the vicinity.

So we found ourselves at a familiar place, where I had a familiar basic meal: this Greek Salad. It's a salad I've loved since my college days (Los Angeles, 1952). I always think of it as supremely healthful: cheese, red onion, lettuce of course, olives, feta cheese. At this place you get two kinds of dressing: a pretty good tzatziki; something else that's apparently raspberry-flavored. There's a nice grilled flatbread on the side.

Citrine Pale ("Citrus Aromas, Tropical Fruit & Citrus Peel Flavors, Medium Body"), just the restorative I'd wanted

Standing Stone Brewing Company, 101 Oak Street, Ashland; +1 (541) 482-2448

After an afternoon of lazy poking around, none of us was still particularly hungry. It was Saturday, though, and it seemed a good idea to have a Martini. We were lucky: the downtown hotel made a particularly good one, and sent out cashews and hazelnuts and some maple-bacon-Brussels sprouts. I like my Martini three to one, up, with a twist, and that's what I got. Bombay gin; Vya vermouth.

Larks, 212 East Main Street, Ashland; +1 (541) 488-5558

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