Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Les restes, and penne

Eastside Road, January 16, 2017—

I FAILED TO POST yesterday, not because we didn't eat, after all it was Sunday, but because what we ate I'd written about previously. Yes, there was still some of that delicious beef stew left, the Sicilian one. It made me think about how many fine stews there are to be made.

When we were first married, nearly sixty years ago, there was a restaurant in Berkeley called The Stew Den, in a basement on a footpath between Bancroft and Durant avenues. I don't think I ever ate there — I rarely ate out in those days. I think they served nothing but stews; maybe salads too. I think you could serve nothing but stew in the winter months and still run a pretty interesting little bistro, but I'm not going to do it.

TONIGHT WE BEGAN with another leftover — les restes sounds more attractive, doesn't it? — the last of that fine bean soup Cook came up with last week, the one with the Parmesan rind in it, which adds a fine suave note to the dish.

We continued with these penne with tomato confit of Cook's manufacture, garnished with basil and Parmesan. That tomato confit is from Alice's Pantry book, and it is spectacular: rich, unctuous, yet somehow fresh as paint. I hope our pantry never sees the last of it.

Cheap Pinot grigio

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