Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dutch heart

Förlorade ägg at Broder Nord
Portland, January 30, 2017—

WE CONTINUE TO EAT fairly light today, but with interest. Our usual Portland breakfast: toast and cappuccino — our daughter's household has its espresso machine, an Olympia Coffex machine that I bought for them many years ago at Zabar, in New York City, certainly before 1996, when I was last there. (Pavel, an engineer, has managed to keep the machine in good condition ever since.)

Lunch was taken a ten-minute walk away from the house, at a Scandinavian-inspired restaurant we like. Here I had Förlorade ägg, "lost eggs": ham, eggs sunny-side-up, on a bed of spinach, with Parmesan cheese and cream, baked in its own little black iron skillet, then gratinéed with bread crumbs.

On the side, Raggmunk, a delicious potato pancake made with chopped scallions. I began lunch with a Fernet-soda (ah there), and after lunch we all had a nice hot digestive: mine a "Dutchmen's Heart": genever, Campari, orgeat, honey, and lemon juice, heated with the steam wand at the espresso machine.

Broder Nord, 2240 North Interstate Avenue, Portland; +1 (503) 282-5555

BY DINNER TIME, tired and depressed at the day's news, we wanted nothing but simplicity and a degree of entertaining comfort. Monday Night Pizza! There were four of us, so we ordered two: a Margherita, because one must; and a fennel-sausage-and-onion, with fresh arugula heaped on top. We split a decent (though innocent of anchovies) Caesar salad, too. The Margherita was authentically Neapolitan: delicious.

Rosso, Ippolito "Liber Pater Cirò" (Calabria): a perfect pizza wine

Ken's Artisan Bakery, 338 NW 21st Avenue, Portland; +1 (503) 248-2202

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