Friday, January 27, 2017

Lamb; sardines; soup

Bean soup

Eastside Road, January 26, 2017—

LAMB LAST NIGHT, and happy to have it. It was the daily special at this place, always dependable, a sort of American bistro with a full bar (the Martini wasn't bad). Roast leg of lamb with mint, very traditional; little white beans with it, and — what? Don't recall. Too much talking; we were there with a friend. We're all distracted these days; distressed and distracted.

•Monti's, 714 Village Court, Santa Rosa, California; 707-568-4404

LUNCH TODAY: sardine and onion sandwich. The fish was canned of course, and very good — it had been a Christmas present, in fact, so you know it was special. Canned sardine, thin-sliced white onion, with a bit of green fennel-frond: a fine lunch. Apple; cookie.

SUPPER: BEAN SOUP, made from fagiolini del Trasimeno : delicious, rather smoky-flavored, rich little red and varicolored beans from a Slow Food convivium, brought home last fall and neglected until now. Well, the soup, and before it a tiny bit of leftover beef stew. We'll feast tomorrow. Oh: green salad, tangerine, cookies.

Rouge du Var, La Ferme Julien

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