Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Eve

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Oakland, December 31, 2016—

WHAT A DELICIOUS DINNER! What a fine way to end the year!

For perhaps forty years now we've celebrated New Year's Eve with another couple, two of our oldest friends, eating dinner in our home in the odd-numbered years, theirs the even-numbered. There have been exceptions: Last year we were in Amsterdam; a couple of previous years we'd been flooded out, or had decided to travel together to another location. But in general we've kept to the formula.

Tonight Claire cooked this fine ossa buco, serving it with carrots and cauliflower and gremolata, of course, and a beautifully cooked risotto on the side. Green salad, of course; and a very nice cheesecake for dessert. Thanks, Claire! Next time our place!

Barbaresco, Barreri & Rovati, 2005: nice.

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