Monday, February 6, 2012


Eastside Road, February 6, 2012—
DAVE THE FISH GUY was at the market yesterday morning, with the salmon we've come to depend on. Delicious as it is, though, it was matched tonight by a very favorite dish of mine, braised leeks and carrots. Normally I'm the one to make this, and I always slice the leeks and carrots lengthwise before cooking them in butter. Lindsey sliced them crosswise, and damned if it doesn't make a better dish, bringing more leek flavor to the mix, and merging it more completely with the carrot.

Baked potato, as you see; green salad afterward.
Cheap Pinot grigio; Cabernet sauvignon, Château St. Jean, 2001 (bottle-ends, both, and none the worse for that)

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