Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lunch at the restaurant

Eastside Road, February 15, 2012—
"THE RESTAURANT," in our family, means Chez Panisse, simply because it was one of the centers of our family's daily life from its beginning, in 1971, until Lindsey's retirement, in 1997. Our two daughters worked their in their early 'teens; I even did my time there — was, in fact, one of the earliest employees to be fired. But that's another story.

And occasionally we're at table with other members of The Family, and lunch today was one of those occasions:
Spring pea toasts
Little gems lettuces with radishes and shaved Parmesan
Grilled black sea bass with wilted Chino greens and chanterelle mushrooms
Blood orange sherbet and passionfruit ice cream bombe

All, needless to say, delicious.
Rosé: Sancerre La Louée, 2010
• Chez Panisse, 1517 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley; 510.548.5525

So supper at home: a little Comté, a little saucisse sec, green salad, salt-oil-garlic toasts, an apple.
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