Sunday, February 26, 2012

Country dinner

Braised duck

Puiflijk, February 25, 2011—

AFTER DINING AT MARIUS, dining at home chez des amis is no let-down, particularly when the friends are themselves from the culinary profession. We're in a village in the Betuwe, in central Netherlands, apple orchards and pastures around our friends' house, and we're joined by Yolanda and Krijn and their two charming little girls Jip and Co for an evening of conversation and badinage and then dinner:

Salad: lettuces, pear, pecans, good blue cheese

Duck legs sautéed, then braised in stock with little onions

Red cabbage and mashed potatoes with celery root


Apple-blackberry crumble

A civilized country dinner combining California and Dutch tastes, completely satisfying.

Rioja, Muga, 2007; Cabernet sauvignon "Santa Sarah" (Bulgaria), 2009


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