Monday, July 11, 2011

Pork and beans

Portland, Oregon, July 11, 2011—
WELL, BEANS AND PORK is closer to the truth: white beans and some onion, cooked, then simmered with thyme and oregano, and bits of delicious browned chorizo — I've come to think of Portland as Sausage City. Chard from the garden. Pickled green beans and carrots. Green salad.
Dessert: summer pudding — red currants and raspberries, pressed into white bread, weghted, and chilled, served with whipped cream. Marvelous.
Grüner Veltliner, Berger, 2010; Rocaberdi (Catalunya), 2008


John said...

The pork industry defends horrendous cruelty to animals -- factory farmers keep breeding pigs locked in two-foot-wide crates where the pigs can’t even turn around for nearly their entire lives. Eight states have passed laws against this type of animal abuse, yet groups like the National Pork Producers Council still support it.

More info at this link:

Charles Shere said...

Such cruelty is one reason we avoid "factory" meat. (Health considerations and flavor are two other reasons.) By the way, John, have you a surname? i geneerally don't publish anonymous comments

Giovanna said...

Exactly. If you scroll down Olympic Provision's product page you'll find info on how they source the pork they use in their sausages. One reason we're happy to eat their chorizo!