Monday, July 18, 2011

Another fine Portland dinner…

Portland, Oregon, July 17, 2001—

THIS PLACE AND THAT and the other were all fully booked even though it was a Sunday night — Portland's a happening town, restaurant-wise — but then G. remembered one people always seem to forget about until they're reminded, and then they all agree, oh, yes, now that's a fine place, why don't we give them a try? And yes, they did have a six available at seven-thirty, so there we went, and I had

Ham, peas, green garlic, ricotta cream, green beans, and carrot salad with a poached egg

Tajarin in truffle oil with Parmigiano

Duck confit with braised leek, smoked onion, chickpeas, and salbitxada*

And it was a superb meal: I'd go back to this place any day of the week.

House white and red wines in carafe

•Tabla Mediterranean Bistro, 200 NE 28th Ave., Portland; (503) 238-3777
*recipe for this romescu-like sauce here

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