Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to Sam; Agave

Ashland, Oregon, July 19, 2011—
LUNCH TODAY: back to New Sammy's, where I had lamb braised in a Moroccan-style tomato sauce with yoghurt and flatbread, a fine dish.
Côtes du Rhône, Domaine Nicholas Boiron, 2007 (strong character, good balance

• New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro, 2210 South Pacific Highway, Talent, Oregon; (541) 535-2779

THEN, BEFORE the evening play, we stopped in at a favorite Ashland joint for my usual choice there: guacamole; cabbage-and-carrot-and-lime-juice slaw; duck-confit taco. Fine powerful flavors here, and a riotous time: toward eight the place amazingly emptied, only we four were left with the staff, we cut capers and danced our way out.

• Agave, 92 North Main Street, Ashland; (541) 488-1770

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