Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Al fresco

Portland, Oregon, July 12, 2011—
WE DON'T FAST while traveling: today instead we had various leftovers for dinner — beans, primarily — and a bit of cheese, and some nduja (cased but loose sausage, like a boudin blanc, but peppery, and green salad, of course.

Lunch was a little exotic, though. It came from Addy's Sandwich truck, downtown, where Grace and I split first a pork paté sandwich, with the conventional mustard and cornichon, and then of all things a chocolate, olive oil, and sea salt sandwich, also on a baguette. Interesting, tasty, perhaps not ultimately a permanent entry into the repertoire.

• Addy's Sandwich Bar, SW 10th at Alder, Portland, Oregon; 503.267.0994

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