Monday, June 20, 2011

Panini; “home”

Corte della Pazienza, June 20, 2011—
OUR LAST ROUND of meals in Venice for a while: breakfast as usual — coffee (I do like this Il Doge coffee we buy here, made in our Moka caffetiere) with hot milk, toast (bread toasted in a frying pan on the stove-top) with butter.

Lunch at, wouldn't you know it, the nicest place we've run into yet, on our last day of a month in this city: the Bar Ai Nomboli. We were first attracted to it a couple of weeks ago when we noticed it served Il Doge, and in fact this is where I bought the current supply of ground coffee. Only today did we stop in for something: it was noon, we were hungry, and there was a table on the sidewalk.

panini.jpgFirst thing that caught my eye was a placard hanging over our table, advertising the house wines — a number of them, and a number of them organic. Then we saw the four-page list of panini. I had bresaola, rucola, and parmigiano, just as we'd had for dinner the other night, but on a very nice roll, perfectly warmed; and, with it, a fine organic Ciliegiolo rosso from Sassotondo (Maremma Toscana), so good I'd have sworn it wasn't from Tuscany.

We had gelato from two different gelaterie today, but Eating Every Day doesn't cover such incidentals; perhaps one day soon I'll write out a list of our favorites. Then tonight we had dinner at home: Lindsey sautéed some loin pork steaks with capers, garlic, and lemon, and cooked up a mess of broad beans; afterward we had an enormous salad of lettuces and arugula with an anchovy vinaigrette.
We thought about going out for yet another gelato afterward, but we were too full. Besides, we're up early tomorrow; time to hit the road for home.

• Bar Ai Nomboli, Sestiere San Polo, 2717 (Rio Terà dei Nomboli), Venezia; 041 5230995 (S.A.S.)
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