Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nov. 3: Eating at San Egidio

via Corsini, Rome, November 3—

DINNER TONIGHT, our first night in Rome this year, in the Piazza Sant' Egidio where we spent our first month here, four years ago. We'd never before noticed this Trattoria de "Gli Amici", situated right next to the greengrocer we always used to patronize. I don't know much about the St. Egidio community: you can read about it online, I'm told. "Gli amici" — the friends — are connected to the communità somehow, and employ people with physical and emotional handicaps among their staff, an idea I like in principle.
We had a light meal, salt cod for the others, saltimbocca alla romana for me, with a simple mixed salad dressed at the table and a carafe of good simple white Sicilian wine.

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