Saturday, November 15, 2008


Via Corsini, Rome, Nov. 15—

  • Ditirambo, Piazza Della Cancelleria, 73, Roma;
    tel. +39 06 6871626

  • ditirambo.JPG

    RICHARD AND MARTA'S last day in Rome, so I thought we should dine (midday) at a special place. Ditirambo is just that, a very Roman menu elevated a notch or two, in calm, elegantly plain rooms quite near the Campo de' Fiori (hence easy for Richard and Marta to get a cab afterward). White truffles were on the menu and we all took advantage: in my case I began with salt cod on a chick-pea purée, nicely dressed, and then went on to a "flan" (I'd say another purée) of potatoes garnished with chopped porcini and shavings of truffle. Afterward, a nice little chocolate cake with a glass of pear gelato flavored with grappa.
    Montecompatri bianco "Le Trecciole", Tenuta Le Quinte, 2007
    (Coffee later, at Tazza d'Oro)

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