Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crota Piemunteisa

Via Panfilo Castaldi, Milan, Nov. 25—
  • Crota Piemunteisa, v. Gian Giacamo Mora 9, Milan; tel. 0283.95992

  • piemonte.JPG
    The scene at Crota Piemunteisa

    TO THE MARKET this morning, a splendid big one, with a fine food market at the center and two long wings of dry goods: and where to eat afterward? The guidebook we're using, Valerio Mqssimo Visintin's Pappa Milano, offering 100 "restaurants of quality at good prices", suggested a Piemontese joint. Lindsey's half Piemontese, so we gave it a try. It's little more than a dive. The menu's on a blackboard, and it isn't very long: half a dozen primi at €3.50 each; half a dozen secondi at €5; a few more secondi at €6. I opted to begin with penne in meat-and-tomato sauce, just what we eat weekly at home, and wished I'd ordered Lindsey's choice, a fava soup with lots of greens in it. We both went on to cotelette alla Milanese because, well, we're in Milan, not Piemonte. They were okay.
    Cheap and really not very good red table wine, certainly not from Piemonte!

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