Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuna and beans

Ashland, Oregon, Sept. 2—
THE USUAL BREAKFAST and a fried egg; half a pastrami sandwich for lunch; a long drive; dinner at Pasta Piatti, an Italian restaurant around the corner.salad.JPG
The menu's too long, I think; it has to depend on bulk set-ups. But some at least of the produce seems fresh and local, the wine list is interesting, and the setting's nice enough, particularly if you're eating outside in pleasant weather.
I see now I ordered exactly what I had a year ago, tuna-cannelini salad: as then, the tuna nicely grilled but in two large slabs; deficient in chopped onion. I'm not sure a classic Italian salad like this is improved by the addition of sesame seeds, but there they were.
With it, a glass of Monica Argiolas 2005, very nice. It's a good wine list.

358 E. Main St., Ashland, Oregon; tel. (541) 488-5493;

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