Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Penne with peanut sauce


YESTERDAY YOU SAW our usual lunch: toast with peanut butter, fruit. Tonight the peanut butter made a surprise appearance at dinner in a pasta sauce. Lindsey whisked sliced scallions, a little soy sauce, some rice vinegar, a crushed clove of garlic, and a fair sprinkling of cayenne pepper into peanut butter thinned with boiling water, tossed the whole-wheat penne with the sauce, and garnished with sliced cucumber. Odd, not an everyday dish, but interesting. Green salad, too, of course.
Cheap pinot grigio


Daniel Wolf said...

Charles, if the dish is served cold (perhaps with some sesame seeds on top), then it's an everyday dish in a lot of houses these days (especially those with children about), and, as "cold noodles with sesame sauce", an item that more or less supplanted rumaki on generic chinese restaurant menus.

Charles Shere said...

Daniel, if the dish is served cold, I'll eat elsewhere.

Grace said...

Aha - garlic, scallops, and boiling water is the trick, huh? The label on my peanut butter jars only say to mix PB with soy sauce and rice vinegar, and it always comes out tasting strangely sour... soon I'll try again.