Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ashland, Oregon, September 6—

IT WILL BE IN THE NATURE of this blog to be repetitive; that probably applies to most blogs. I apologize for this now; I'll try never to repeat the apology.

It never takes long when we're on the road before we miss our salads. This time we brought oil and vinegar along, and one of Nancy Skall's delicous Walla Walla onions, and yesterday we visited the Saturday farmer's market here and bought a head of lettuce and a bag of small lettuce; and, at the community supermarket, a couple of avocados.

I diced up a bunch of red-and-white ("French breakfast") radishes to add some texture and complexity, and made the usual vinaigrette but without garlic, since Lindsey was making garlic toasts. Alas I couldn't find decent salt in the cupboard; we settled for run-of-the-mill. After I brought the salad to the table, though, Margery, who had been looking for something else, found the Italian sea salt I'd bought last year, so that got added at the last minute. What a difference good salt makes!

Dinner was a "lamb-burger" at one of the local brew pubs; okay, not much more than that.

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