Saturday, September 20, 2008

Salmon, chard, lima beans

SATURDAY: TO THE FARM MARKET, then, in Healdsburg, there to buy the weekly lima beans from Nancy Skall, and a bit of salmon from the fishmonger. The limas are from Nancy's garden, and are absolutely delicious, with complex flavor and a fine chestnutty texture. The salmon is from the Klamath River: none of that phony farmed cat-food salmon colored, I suspect, with shrimp skins, not for us!


Lindsey cooked the salmon quickly in the black iron skillet, the limas longer in water with a bit of butter. I cut the chard from our garden at the last minute, but simmered the cut-up stalks in water quite a little while, until tender; the sliced-up leaves went in at the end. Salt and a lemon from the patio tree. No need for salad.

Cheap pinot grigio

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