Saturday, June 11, 2016

Steak on the grill

IMG 7521
Eastside Road, June 10, 2016—

THIS IS WHAT we had for dinner, and this is how I made it:

IMG 7512 Halved a fresh pineapple and removed the eyes with a stainless-steel bread knife
Then sliced the halves say ¾ inch thick
IMG 7513Cleaned and halved spring onions and a red pepper
(That's the pineapple core with them)
IMG 7514Got a good bed of coals going under the grill
IMG 7518Put the pineapple and vegetables on first, let them cook pretty far above the fire until nearly done, then put the Chateaubriand on after lowering the grill to just above the coals
Salt everything, of course
Put split baguette pieces on the steak after turning it
Green salad afterward

Pinot noir, RMH (River Myst Haven) (Russian River), 2014: fruity, a tiny bit sweet, pleasing and substantial

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