Sunday, June 19, 2016

Chorizo verde; flounder

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Eastside Road, June 18, 2016—

I SUPPOSE IT IS not the most photogenic dinner — Cook mentioned the matter herself, serving the plates. But damn it was good. Our first tomatoes of the year, "heritage" red-black marbled tomatoes of some sort, simply sliced and salted. Mashed favas on toasts: we've had them before, recently, and we'll have them again. At six o'clock on the plate, half a raw carrot, a whitish one, sliced lengthwise as is proper.

And at the center, a scramble of eggs and Franco's green chorizo. I have no idea how he makes this. The base is pork, of course; added to it in addition to the usual spices, some sort of greening agent. I suspect vegetable matter, probably a good bit of cilantro. I don't think artificial colors are involved.

THAT WAS YESTERDAY. Tonight we had fish. Saturday is Farm Market day in Healdsburg, and one of the stalls, as Constant Reader will know, belongs to Dave the fish guy. I haven't seen Dave in months: he leaves the stall in his very capable daughter's custody and spends his time on his boat, fishing.

Today there was no salmon. There was flounder, though, and it was truly delicious. Cook simply dredged the fillets in a little flour and fried them in butter, good old bonne femme style, and garnished them with lemon.

Also on the plate, delicious Italian broad beans, also cooked in butter, and — they look familiar — mashed fava beans on toasts. Green salad afterward. There are few lucker diners than I.

"R.G.M.V.", white wine blend (Roussane, Grenache, Mourvedre, Viognier) (Central Coast), 2015: pleasant
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