Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Baseball and bratwurst

IMG 7569
Eastside Road, June 13, 2016—

YES: IF YOU LOOK closely enough you'll see half a bratwurst on each of those brioche rolls. Just the thing to eat in front of the television, watching your team succumb to some really fine pitching on the part of Max Scherzer. (And some dubious calls by the plate umpire.)

The sausage was Franco's, of course, and it was good, and garnished properly with the holy trinity, mustard, pickle relish, and sauerkraut. On the plate with them, broccoli.

Green salad afterward, and then a bowl of cherries. I heard the other day of a guy who insists on making tea with cherry stems every year in June; says it keeps his kidneys in order. It can't hurt.

Laya: Garnacha tintonera 70%, Monastrell 30%, old vines (Almansa), 2014.

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