Sunday, April 17, 2016

Steak from the grill

IMG 6597
Eastside Road, April 16, 2016—
DELICIOUS, A GOOD STEAK grilled over the coals of a fire of rosemary wood. The beef was sirloin, bought from a trusted butcher in Berkeley; the rosemary wood was from the fifty-foot hedge we had to replace last year.

In addition to the beef, I grilled a couple of spicy lamb sausages our son brought us the other day, from his own sheep, and I threw the biggest of the asparagus spears on the grill as well, to eat while waiting for the rest of dinner.

I cut up a short pound of small waxy potatoes into slices and fried them in duck fat left over from some rillettes we had a while back, and Cook steamed the smaller asparagus spears. A fine Saturday dinner on a hot day…

Bottle ends: Cheap white wine, "RGMV"; Garnacha, Laya, 2013

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