Friday, April 1, 2016

Okay fish and chips

San Simeon, California, March 31, 2016— 

Spent much of the morning back on a friend's orchard, then drove to Ventura for an okay cappuccino, then to this godforsaken place on the coast, remarkable only for the marvelously extravagant compound William Randollph Hearst installed (with much help from Julia Morgan) on a nearby hilltop.

No place to eat, so we settled on the "restaurant" in the motel. The only possibility for me, on the ambitious menu suggestive of the deep-freeze, was "True Alaska Cod" fish and chips, and it wasn't too bad. The fries were routine, but routine has its merits. The Tartar sauce ccould have been better, but the batter on the fish was light and delicate, and the flesh was firm.

Salad before: acceptable.

Sauvignon blanc, Verntana, 2014

San Simeon Restaurant, 9520 Castillo Drive, San Simeon, California; 805-927-4601

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