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Eastside Road, April 23, 2016—

WE USED TO PLAY a game at the dinner table, forty years ago, when the children were small: what five foods would you choose if you could only choose five? Of course a certain amount of cheating went on. Onions and garlic, for example, were immediately declared to be "wild," available outside the strictures of the game. Ditto such things as salt.

I generally settled on Sheep, Olives, Grapes, Figs, Wheat. But after tonight's dinner I wonder if we don't have to increase the magic number to a half dozen, so that Cod may be included.

I've prattled on before, here on this site, on the glories of salt cod. When we travel we generally manage to be in salt cod countries, and enjoy bacalau, baccalà, brandade de morue, stockfish, and the like. But fresh cod is almost as great a pleasure and as sustaining a nourishment. Even when in fact it is not fresh but frozen.

Cook prepared it simply, sautéing it with just a bit of, well, salt, in the black iron skillet. And she served it with her new invention: Romanesco (or was it simply broccoli) cooked fairly slow with potatoes and cipollini. (Cipollini are also to be found wild, like stawberries.) Green salad afterward, and fruit.

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