Thursday, April 21, 2016


Steak and risotto
Eastside Road, April 20, 2016—

LAST NIGHT we entertained an overnight guest making his annual visit from New York City. Or perhaps I should say he entertained us: it's always a pleasure to catch up on dance and opera news from a globetrotter who specializes in both and generalizes on much more…

I grilled some sausages outside, while Cook whipped up a risotto colored and flavored with a discreet touch of saffron. Saffron is not a favorite of mine, and I appreciate the delicate hand. With them, some romanesco, well-cooked in the slow Italian manner; a good green salad afterward, and strawberries and ice cream. (It was interesting to see our guest particularly praise Straus vanilla ice cream; he's partial and discriminating on the subject of ice cream, and had never met Straus before…)

Today we finished the risotto, which keeps tolerably well in the refrigerator, with some beefsteak left over from Saturday. Green salad. Strawberries and a tangerine. Delicious.

Garnacha, Laya, 2013

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