Saturday, May 24, 2014

Salmon and favas

Eastside Road, May 24, 2014—
SATURDAY IS MARKET day, and market day this time of year is salmon day. Salmon and favas day. We've been doing this for years. The salmon runs off our coast, and Dave Legros goes out to sea to catch it. The favas grow over at Nancy Skall's garden, across the river from us. The tarragon came from our garden, and went on top of the salmon — along with a few chives, a bit of butter, and a sprinkling of vodka — before it was wrapped in foil and cooked under the broiler.

The favas are buttered a bit, of course; and a green salad with lemon-juice vinaigrette came afterward; and then Cook's old standby sliced bananas with cinnamon and a bit of sugar, on vanilla ice cream — she's been serving that up for nearly sixty years, and I never tire of it.
Cheap Pinot grigio

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