Monday, May 5, 2014

Pasta with friends; cold chicken at home…

Eastside Road, May 4, 2014—
NO PHOTOS TODAY: I guess we were having too much fun. Last night we were in town at a friend's house: I made the Martinis; we all conspired on the pasta; Alta seared the scallops. The trick, of course, was in the ingredients, and the hands.

The pasta was from Berkeley's Phoenix Pastaficio: fettucine, whole wheat, cooked just al dente and tossed with nothing but very good olive oil, salt, and pepper.

The scallops most likely came from Monterey Fish — I didn't ask, but Alta brought stuff up from Berkeley. They were sweet, buttery, and rich, and she just seared them quickly in a little bit of olive oil.

Salad, of course.

White Rhone blend, "Madam Preston," Preston of Dry Creek, 2012; Sauvignon blanc, Duckhorn (Napa Valley) 2012

THEN TONIGHT we finally ate at home, first time this month!

And that in spite of the fact that a few days ago Cook had roasted another chicken, exactly as Saturday a week ago except without the thyme under the skin. Well, it hadn't suffered in the refrigerator these last few days, and I carved half of it tonight to have cold, with simply butter-steamed asparagus and the usual green salad.

Cheap Pinot grigio

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