Monday, January 27, 2014

Pork chops ma façon

Eastside Road, January 26, 2014—

THE RECIPE ORIGINALLY comes from Elizabeth David, Lindsey reminds me, but it's been a regular item in our kitchen for so long that I think of it as notre façon, our way of dealing with a nice thick loin chop; one of the Hundred Plates.

We begin with a tablespoonful or so of fennel seeds, which I grind to dust in a mortar. A couple of cloves of garlic and some salt go kn next and are ground to a paste, which is then bound with olive oil. 

Normally at this point I add lemon juice, but I forgot this time — probably because the lemon tree, like all our citruses, is hidden underneath its winter coat, guarded against the cold. It's been twenty degrees nearly every morning for weeks now.

The fennel-garlic paste gets spread on the chops, which are then set under the broiler. They're turned once, the newly exposed side betting its share of the treatment, and cooked until done — don't overcook!

With them tonight, baked potato dressed simply with salt and olive oil, and the green salad.

Cheap Barbera d'Asti

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