Monday, January 27, 2014


Eastside Road, January 27, 2014—

HAPPY MOZART'S BIRTHDAY! We celebrate tonight with this delicious chick-pea stew, or, rather, stewed chick-peas. I wonder if Mozart would have known this dish? It's cosmopolitan enough for him, I think, with undertones ranging from Andalucia through Sicily to Morocco — places he only knew through his imagination, I suppose.

Dried garbanzos, as I knew them as a kid, or chick-peas, chiche-poix, ceci in Italian. Lindsey stewed them with chopped carrot and onion, parsley and cilantro, and a little coriander seed; and some canned tomatgo, not a lot, just enough to provide color. Oh: a dried chli pepper of some kind, and some chili flakes for good measure. Olive oil, no doubt. Salt.

Afterward, green salad; a tangerine; some chocolate. A fine supper.

Syrah-Sirah, Preston of Dry Creek,  2011

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