Thursday, January 9, 2014


Eastside Road, January 9, 2014—
YOU WILL HAVE NOTICED, Gentle Reader, that this blog has become somewhat more undisciplined these last few days: other matters have intruded.
Tonight, Thursday, we had a quick supper of bean soup and salad, with a glass or two of cheap Barbera dÁsti. Lunch had been an acceptable "hamburger" of Italian sausage with, yes, Curtis, French Fries, the narrow square-section type, not at all soggy or warmed-over.
Zinfandel, Sterling Vineyards
Carmen's Burger Bar, 1612 Terrace Way, Santa Rosa; ​​(707) 579 - 3663
YESTERDAY'S SUPPER was identical to tonight's; lunch was a delicious sandwich from a favorite butcher shop: pork roast, Italian vinaigrette, sweet peppers, provolone, pickled onions, thyme, aioli, Castel Vetrano olives on a ciabatta roll. A glass of that cheap Barbera would have been perfect, but we ate in the car, driving home from Berkeley.

The Local Butcher Shop, 1600 Shattuck Ave. on Cedar, Berkeley; 510-845-6328
Tuesday was a fast day, and I've told you about Monday. What remains to be blogged is last Friday's dinner at New Sammy's; I'll try to get to that soon. Gee! A week ago!

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