Thursday, January 2, 2014


Portland, Oregon, January 1, 2014—

TODAY IS THE BIRTHDAY of our dear Giovanna, the real reason we decided to stay on here for a week after Christmas, and we celebrated with the traditional menu at home:

Baked ham
Hopping John
Braised greens

and, afterward, cake, of course — a fine Bourbon-infused cake turned out of a Bundt pan and gently illuminated by the symbolic candles. 

Crémant de Bougogne, L. Vitteaut Albert, nv, in magnum

EARLIER IN THE DAY, though, we found time for a light lunch. I was content with a little trip to the French alps, by way of three cheeses:

Beaufort d'été
Abbaye de Tamie
Appenberg Mutschli

all of them raw cow's-milk cheeses, all fresh and delicious, washed down with

A glass of Rosé de Provence

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