Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sausage and summer squash

Eastside Road, June 16, 2013—
AND, FORTUNATELY, SALAD. The sausage was delicious, Franco's "Siciliana," cleverly marked with a strip of lemon peel, hardly noticeable, on one of the four sausages in the pack. Lindsey simply broiled them in the oven.

The summer squash was very nice, I'm sure, but not to my personal taste, as I always tried to teach the kids to say, in place of the more forthright "I don't like it." No squash has ever been to my personal taste, though I do tolerate zucchini when necessary. I eat it, of course, if it's put in front of me, but the experience is not pleasant, not for me, not for those around me if they are at all discerning. Oh well.

But then this salad! The lettuces from my pathetic little garden, planted weeks ago, and just now coming into harvest. Crisp, substantial leaves, full of flavor and substance. I will miss them next week…
Cheap Primitivo, Grifone

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