Monday, June 17, 2013


Eastside Road, June 16, 2013—
NOW HERE THEN are the meals missing from a week ago or so:

June 6, 2013: a miserable breakfast in the Americana Grill in the Circus Circus casino in Reno. I really cannot recommend this place, either for dining or for sleeping.

Lunch, on the other hand, was really delicious: three little taquitos, with beef filling, and a nice crisp flavorful chopped salad, in what a couple of people in the street told us was the best Mexican restaurant in town:

• Astorga's Mexican Restaurant, 2206 N. Sierra Highway, Bishop, California; 760-872-3849

Dinner at the campsite: Mountain House brand Beef Stroganoff. Not bad: just add hot water and serve…
June 7, 2013:Breakfast back in Lone Pine: some of the best caffè espresso I've found on the road in this country, with a hunk of pastry that could have been better (but then, we were absurdly early, the day's delivery had not yet arrived):

• Lone Star Bistro, 107 N. Main Street, Lone Pine, California; 760-876-1111 (good wi-fi, too)

Dinner at the campsite: Mountain House brand Beef Stew, better than the Stroganoff I think, but then I was hungry…
June 8, 2013: Breakfast and lunch with a couple of hours, at the same place: an absurd pancake, a foot across and an inch and a half thick, not quite done, of which I could eat barely a quarter, with a few strips of bacon, a pint of pomegranate-raspberry drink, another of Gatorade, and a couple of liters of water.

Then for lunch a truly delicious BLT on sliced rye bread, one of the best I've ever tasted — the bacon really rather special. With it, an IPA; don't recall the brand.

• Whitney Portal Store, 13 miles west of Lone Pine, (760) 937-2257

Dinner: an emasculated Caesar salad, by which I mean devoid of anchovies and innocent of raw egg, otherwise welcome, with some nice french fries:

• Whiskey Creek Restaurant, 524 N. Main Street, Bishop, California; 760-873-7174
June 9, 2013: Lunch in an odd place. We'd asked a few people on the deserted streets (it was Sunday noon) where to eat, and got mostly shrugs in return, so we simply entered the nearest place to our parked car, across the street from the beautiful old state Capitol. Again, I was content with a big faux-Caesar.

• High Sierra Brewing Company, 302 N. Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada; 775-884-2739

Ah, but dinner! A first-rate Martini, then… oh… it was so long ago, and I can't recall… but it was delicious…

• Zuni Café, 1658 Market Street, San Francisco; (415) 552-2522
June 10, 2013: Dinner with a couple of old friends at a favorite haunt of theirs. Steak-frites for me, if you don't mind: hanger steak, barely cooked inside but good and hot and seared on the outside, in a nice sauce, with good small-section French fries.

• Monti's Rotisserie, 714 Village Court, Santa Rosa, California; 707-568-4404
June 11, 2013: An old friend visiting from New York took us out to a place we'd been curious about since it opened, maybe two years ago. Alas, while the sourcing and technique were up to snuff, the concept was one none of us really agrees with: too many ingredients, too fussy, too much presentation, ultimately not really a meal. I had a couple of nice soft-boiled eggs, then game hen: a couple of small cylinders of galantine, with a few irrelevant items by way of garnish. I must say a side dish of lentils was quite nice, and the wine was very interesting:
Counoise, Frick (Dry Creek Valley), 2010: light, rather like a Dolcetto, though also reminiscent of Grignolino
• Spoonbar, 219 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg; (707) 433-7222

AND NOW WE'RE all caught up, and before I'll be hopelessly confused again, much of the time out of Internet contact…

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