Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It ain't the same…

Lanslebourg, June 25, 2013—

MY BETTER HALF reminds me ever so often: things have probably changed; it won't be there any more; it will have changed…

And now I add to the sad où sont les neiges dump the restaurant in the hotel Relais des Deux Cols, which captivated me five years ago, and confirmed its excellence a couple of years after that. Alas, there has been a change of ownership, hence direction. 

Dinner tonight was okay, competent, nothing more. Industrial, you might say. I had a salad, nicely dressed, with good crisp lettuces, and a competent tartiflette. The best was dessert, this nutty little piece of cake with apple bits in it. 

Vin de Savoie en pichet

• Hotel Restaurant les Deux Cols, Lanslebourg

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