Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hamburger and beer

Santa Rosa, California, June 2, 2013—
DOES THE ORDINARY HAMBURGER rate as one of the Hundred Plates? Yes, I think so. After a short but fairly strenuous hike someone had the happy idea of stopping off for a hamburger and a beer.

This was a no-nonsense hamburger joint, and I had the Ordinary: probably a quarter-pounder at most, grass fed, on a decent bun, with lettuce, catsup, tomato, onion, and dill pickle, crinkle-cut fries on the side, and a pint of house draft pale. Cheap: $5.45 for the burger, a buck fifty for the beer.

I liked the sign at the order counter:
This is not a bar. Loud behavior and strong language will not be tolerated. Do not throw peanut shells on the floor.
The decor runs to old Schwinn bicycles in improbable places, and the vinyl booth upholstery is cracking in places. And no, you can't have your hamburger rare. Still, it's an honest joint, fast and tasty. I don't like crinkle-cut fries, I think they are too oily and lose heat to quickly, but what are you going to do.

• Brody's Burgers and Brews
, 3135 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa; (707) 526-4878

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