Friday, October 31, 2008

October 26—

I Mandorli, Cardona di Alfiano Natta—
BROTH OF A SORT; I'd use a light chicken broth; rice cooked in it risotto-style but much soupier, with perhaps an equal amount of previously half-potato, chopped as fine as the rice. A supple, white pasta in brodo, lightly flavored with onion — and is that a hint of lemon?
Brisket from the noontime bollito misto we'd missed because of our missed airplane; delicious spinach flavored with garlic, salt, and lemon; zucchini. A little cheese; then a delicious hazelnut torte, no chocolate, no flour, just ground hazelnuts. Fabulous.
Barbera: "Nanà" di Rampi, 2006

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