Sunday, October 5, 2008

Luncheon party

LUNCH ON THE PATIO for a dozen guests: the pastry crew at Chez Panisse and various companions. Probably the last big patio meal of the year, since it's nearly mid-October: but the weather was perfect. Lindsey fixed olives following the recipe in David Tanis's new book A Platter of Figs, and we had Brie and Piave and a blue new to me, Stichelton, a raw-milk Stilton — we're lucky to have a very good cheese shop in Healdsburg (called, logically enough, The Cheese Shop).

Afterward, the zucchini frittata in Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, and then a nice tossed green salad. And what do you serve a bunch of pastry professionals for dessert? Lindsey made a delicious apple crisp from our own apples: Arkansas Black, Hudson's Golden Gem, probably some Calville Blanc, Golden Russet, and especially Belle de Boskoop. The trees are loaded this year, as I think I've mentioned.
Rosé, Château la Canorgue (Luberon), 2007

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