Friday, October 17, 2008

Dinner in the feed store

OH YES: LAST NIGHT it was leftovers, the last of the salmon sandwiches from Wednesday night, and I suddenly realized these were salmon salad sandwiches, with celery and hardboiled egg as well as the salmon, mayonnaise, cilantro, chopped celery and such. An amazingly delicious sandwich.

Tonight, though, it was dinner in the feed store. What an interesting phenomenon: feed store as community center, community being a small town on the highway up in Mendocino county. All kinds of people fall by here on Friday evenings. Sometimes there's a crab feed, or a fish fry; tonight it was simply send someone to the local taco truck.

A local winemaker brought the new Syrah; others supplied Zinfandel, or Maker's Mark, or Red Tail, or Jim Beam. Talk, visiting, eating, community. It's what makes America great. And every other country.

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