Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sla ira (there'll be salad…)

Lettuces, oil, garlic, salt, vinegar; salami; bread


TOO HOT TO COOK; almost too hot to eat. Ninety-seven degrees today. An hour or so thinning apples and hoeing weeds and you're bushed.

And we had a theater date tonight: The Imagination Foundation saying goodbye to its Healdsburg studio, after six years of amazing work there with schoolkids, with an abstract, moving, stylized production almost entirely the work of its cast.

So, after the show, we came home to a tossed green salad. I've written about this so many times now: but I don't apologize revisiting it. Some of the lettuces were soft, subtle ones from the Farm Market in town -- specifically from the Kiff farm: remarkable lettuces. Others were ours: frisée, oakleaf, and some kind of red lettuce.

The usual method: Smash a clove of garlic; fork it and coarse sea salt to a smooth paste; cover with good olive oil. Just before serving, whip in vinegar with the same dinner fork.

We're using a mild California oil these days, and continue to use our own vinegar made from our own Zinfandel. A few slices of salami and a few slices of bread, and you've nearly got a complete meal.

Nero d'Avila

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