Sunday, June 8, 2008

Petrale sole; chard

Petrale sole; chard from the garden; green salad


AT THE FARM MARKET YESTERDAY we bought a few fillets of Petrale sole caught the day before off our Sonoma coast, and tonight Lindsey floured them and cooked them simply, in butter with some lemon juice. I picked the chard just before dinner, surprising a little frog no bigger than my fingernail out from under a lettuce plant. Instead of garlic Lindsey chopped mild spring onions into the lettuces, some from the market, some from the garden, and we dressed it on the leaf with olive oil, salt, and juice from the rest of the lemon, which came from the tree outside the kitchen door.

But not everything is idyllic: Lindsey discovered some animal had climbed into the smaller of our two sour cherry trees to do its own harvesting, probably last night, and had broken several important structural branches in the process. The poor tree will need major re-shaping at its next pruning...

Pinot grigio

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